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Episcopal Youth & Children’s Services

About EYCS

The Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia provide need-based college scholarships and camp scholarships for youth in the Diocese.

The EYCS Board is comprised of women from the Savannah Convocation’s parishes and missions. They meet regularly to distribute funds raised through an annual diocesan appeal and received through various trusts and contributions.

Our History

The Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services Board is the offspring of the Episcopal Home for Girls, a Savannah orphanage established in the early 1800’s by fifteen women from Episcopal churches in that city.

In the 1960’s the orphanage closed as it no longer met the increasing needs and challenges of the time. The proceeds from the sale of the property were placed in a trust by the board of the Home, and Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services was established. The new EYCS Board expanded its mandate to include assisting youth of the diocese with educational scholarships, and camp scholarships were added as the diocesan summer camp program became more established.

What We Do Now

Episcopal Youth & Children’s Services is a unique organization in the Episcopal Church that provides need-based college scholarships for undergraduates and financial assistance for children who might otherwise not be able to go to Summer Camp at Honey Creek, the Episcopal Camp & Conference Center of the Diocese of Georgia. To date, the EYCS Trust has provided over $1,000,000 in college scholarships for over a thousand youth of the diocese, and in just the past few years, has given over $40,000 to allow hundreds of children the chance to attend summer camp at Honey Creek.

How We Raise Funds

Under diocesan canon law, the EYCS conducts an annual Thanksgiving Appeal. Information is sent to each parish and mission in the diocese, and envelopes (previously gold) are provided for donations.

The Thanksgiving offering covers about half of what we disburse each year. Other monies come from various trusts, and parish and mission organizations such as the ECW (Episcopal Church Women), Men’s Clubs, memorials, and individual contributions. In addition, there are safe and secure ways for those who want to donate online using a debit or credit card.

How Can You Help

Your financial contribution helps tremendously. We welcome donations of any amount at any time throughout the year. Checks should be made out to the EYCS and mailed to 18 East 34th Street, Savannah, GA 31401-7433.

Or, donate safely and securely online using a Visa or MasterCard debit card using Square Cash, which only takes a simple email.

To contact us, please send an email to

Watch our YouTube video, follow us on Facebook to learn more about the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.

Camp Scholarships

Partial scholarships are offered for youth in the Diocese of Georgia needing financial assistance to attend  summer camp at Honey Creek, the Episcopal Camp & Conference Center of the Diocese.

These scholarships are handled as part of the camp application process. Please contact the Honey Creek directly for more information.

Education Scholarships

Needs-based scholarships are awarded for post-secondary (undergraduate) education. Scholarships are not available for graduate school.  Applicants must apply each year by May 31st for the following academic year.

Please read the following requirements and make certain you understand these guidelines when completing this application. EYCS cannot consider applications that are incomplete or do not meet the guidelines. 

All applicants must be Episcopalian, 22 years of age or under, and legal residents of and members in good standing within the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.

  • Applications are due May 31st  for the following academic year (fall through spring).  A complete application consists of the following:
    • Online application form (Click Apply Now, below, to get started)
    • Your priest’s recommendation
    • A copy of your family’s most recent 1040
    • A copy of your current year’s final grades.
  • Education scholarships are approved for one school year only. Applicants may reapply in successive years (for a maximum of 4 years).  Each application must be received by May 31st to be considered for the next academic year.
  • Applicants must be, or intend to become, full-time undergraduate students taking and passing at least 12 credit hours per grading period.
  • Payments for educational assistance will be made directly to applicants in two installments mailed in August and January.
    • To qualify for the 2nd disbursement in January, applicants must submit a copy of their transcript for the previous grading period and must show they have passed 12 credit hours.
    • These transcripts are due by December 31st.

Thanksgiving Appeal

Parish priests, vestries and parish administrators will find useful resource materials for the annual Thanksgiving appeal here.

The EYCS annual Thanksgiving appeal takes place annually on the Sunday closest to Thanksgiving.

Bulletin “Blurb”

Here’s a “blurb” for your to put in your bulletin each Sunday in November leading up to the Thanksgiving Appeal. Just highlight the text and copy it into your bulletin or newsletter:

EYCS Scholarship Drive

Sunday, November XX will be Ingathering Sunday for the Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services scholarship drive. This organization provides need-based college scholarships and Honey Creek scholarships to deserving children within our diocese.

Either use the EYCS Envelope conveniently placed in your pew or program (make checks payable to EYCS) or go to to donate safely and securely online.

EYCS Envelopes

Call the Diocesan office at (912) 236-4278 by November 1 and they’ll send envelopes for your ingathering. Pay by Credit Card.

Some members prefer to pay safely and securely online using a credit card. Please direct them here.

Donate safely and securely online using a Visa or MasterCard debit card using Square Cash, which only takes a simple email, or click on the link below to use any major credit card with PayPal.