Thriving in the Vine:

Convention 2020

Due to safety concerns for large public gatherings, the 199th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia will meet online on the evening of November 6th and the morning of the November 7th.

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Convention Theme – Thriving in the Vine

Connection is what all humans need and what the pandemic has made so difficult. Jesus taught through the image of a vine that the abundant life all of us wish for flows out of being in communion with him. He is the vine and we are the branches, connected to one another through our connection to him, the true vine.

But to be honest. The people of the Diocese and our communities are not all thriving. For those who feel more like they have been pruned or are even wilting on the vine, this image of the vine remains vital. For Jesus gave this image to followers on the night before he died as he knew they would face tremendous hardships and he wanted them to see how life-giving connection is for each of us.

In our Convention this November, we will see the ways the congregations of the Diocese of Georgia have responded to the pandemic in pastoral care, worship, and serving our communities to learn from one another the varied approaches that are bearing fruit. The stories will be from churches of every size. These are the adaptations that are not all about technology, but finding ways to remain connected. Through this shorter, online gathering, we hope to inspire even as we reconnect more fully.

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