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18 East 34th Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401

While much of the work of the Diocese of Georgia take place at the local parish level, there are diocesan ministries as well. The ministries of the diocese are those best tackled together, relying on the strength of our 70 congregations working united in mission. These include:


Follow the link above to find out more about our chaplains serving in school, university and hospital settings around the Diocese of Georgia.

Companion Diocese

The Diocese of Georgia has an ongoing relationship with the Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

Community of St. Joseph

The Community of St. Joseph, led by Casey Lavin and the Rev. Michael Chaney, aims to provide worship services by and for Savannah’s homeless persons living in the city, approximately 4,200. The ministry now offers worship at Emmaus House on the Third Friday of the month and every Sunday worship near Camp 2, an area identified with the assistance of Homeless persons interested in the Community of St. Joseph. This work is also coordinated with the city’s Homeless Authority.


From the Spanish word, meaning “short course,” a Cursillo weekend offers a short course in Christianity. It provides an environment in which God can give appropriate gifts to the unique individuals who attend.

Episcopal Church Women

The Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of Georgia seeks to unite the women of the diocese through a program of worship, study, and service which will deepen and strengthen their spiritual lives and lead them into Christian service in the parish, the community, the diocese, and the world.

Episcopal Youth and Children Services

The Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia provides needs-based assistance towards college scholarships, medical assistance and camp scholarships for any individual 22 years of age or younger who are members or whose parents or legal guardians are members of the Episcopal in the Diocese of Georgia, irrespective of race or sex.

Honey Creek

This is our camp and conference center of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. Since the 1950s, when the camp was created to replace the previous Camp Reese on Saint Simons Island, Honey Creek has offered a unique place for retreats and other events. Our 100-acre grounds on a tidal creek look across the marsh to Jekyll Island on Georgia’s coast. The conference center also hosts a summer camp program each summer in a variety of sessions for children from 3rd through 12th grade.

Youth Programs

The purpose of diocesan Youth Programs is to build a community of Christian friends. We strengthen our relationship with God through the community we build when we are together and we take this strengthened faith into our daily lives. All of the youth events are designed by youth, planned by youth, and led by youth. We have a variety of events throughout the year for various age groups and interests.