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Diocesan Leadership

Bishop and Staff

The Rt. Rev. Frank Logue
Bishop of Georgia

Canon Katie Easterlin
Canon for Administration

Mr. Daniel Garrick
Assistant Administrator

The Venerable Yvette Owens

Ms. Maggie Lyons
Executive Assistant to the Bishop

The Rev. Canon Joshua Varner
Canon for Program and Liturgy

Mr. Dade Brantley
Executive Director of Honey Creek

The Rev. Canon Loren Lasch
Canon to the Ordinary

Ms. Liz Williams
Communications Manager

Ms. Carey Wooten
Director of Leadership Ministries

The Rev. Guillermo Arboleda
Missioner for Racial Justice

The Standing Committee

The Rev. David Rose (2024), President
Mr. Dave Cranford (2024), Secretary
The Rev. Walter Hobgood (2025)
Ms. Elise Miller (2025)
The Rev. Becky Rowell (2026)
Ms. Charlotte Blue (2026)
The Very Rev. Al Crumpton, IV (2027)
Ms. Lisa Gibbs (2027)


Convocation Deans

The Very Rev. Richard Nelson

The Very Rev. Al Crumpton, IV

The Very Rev. Denise Vaughn

The Very Rev. Michael White

The Very Rev. Tom Purdy

The Very Rev. Leslie Dellenbarger

2023-2024 Diocesan Council Voting Members

Ex Officio
The Rt. Rev. Frank S. Logue
Mr. Andrew Austin, Treasurer
The Rev. James (Jim) Elliott, Chancellor

Mr. Ted Wright (2024)
Ms. Donna Becton (2025)
The Rev. Galen Mirate (2026)

Ms. Cissy Bowden (2024)
Ms. Donna Tumm (2025)
The Rev. Terri Degenhardt (2026)

Mr. Bill Kitterman (2024)
The Rev. Steve Clifton (2025)
Ms. Mary Wells (2026)

Ms. Jane Gilchrist (2024)     
The Rev. Dwayne Varas (2025)
Mr. Stephen Hooten (2026)

The Rev. Donald Holland (2024)  
Ms. Dwala Nobles (2025) 
Ms. Mary Kay Lindquist (2026)

Ms. Kay Riggle (2024)
The Rev. Wallace Marsh (2025)
Ms. Nancy Nehila (2026)

The Rev. Kelly Steele (2024)
The Rev. Ri Lamb (2025)
The Rev. Bill Barton (2026)

2023-2024 Diocesan Council Members With Seat & Voice Only

President of the Standing Committee
Chairperson, Standing Committee on Constitution & Canons
President, Diocesan Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
Convocation Deans
Senior Lay and Clerical Deputies to the General Convention
President of Diocesan Episcopal Youth or designated representative
Canon to the Ordinary
Canon  for Administration

Persons Entitled to Attend as Advisors
Commission and Board Chairpersons
Program Area Chairpersons

Board of the Corporation of the Diocese

Mr. Neil Victor (2024)
Canon Mary Willoughby (2025)
Mr. Ed Field (2026)
Ms. Becky Cheatham (2027)
Ms. Leslie Lambert (2028)
Ms. Carolyn Eager (2029)
Mr. Whit Davis (2030)

Ex Officio
Mr. Andrew Austin, Diocesan Treasurer
Canon Katie Easterlin, Canon for Administration
Bishop Frank Logue

Church Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Joe Bowden
Mr. Sam Colville
The Rev. Geri Nelson
Ms. Laura Wheaton

The Rev. Eric Biddy
Ms. Pat Burau
The Rev. Mike Gumulauskas

Mr. Neil Dickert
The Rev. Susan Gage
Mr. Peter Kastner
The Rev. Samantha McKean

Commission on Ministry

Interview Committee

The Rev. Melanie Lemburg, Chair
The Rev. Lauren Byrd
The Rev. Terri Degenhardt
Dr. M.J. Harris
Mr. Drew Keane
The Rev. Ri Lamb
The Rev. Samantha McKean
Mr. Ken Taft
Ms. Elizabeth Varner


Examining Chaplains

Dr. Drew Keane
The Rev. Ian Lasch
The Rev. Kelly Steele
The Rev. David Wantland
The Rev. Helen White

The Committee on Constitution & Canons

Ms. Laura Wheaton Chair 
Mr. James Elliott ex officio as Chancellor
Mr. David Sandbach
The Rev. David Lemburg
The Rev. Galen Mirate

Creation Care Commission

Albany – Bill Swan
Augusta – Katie Hall and Tom Smyth
Central – Dave Cranford
Savannah – Laura Walker
Southeast – The Rev. Nathan Wilson, Chair
Southwest – Cathy Stevens and the Rev. Hal Weidman

Finance Committee

ex officio
The Rt. Rev. Frank S. Logue 
Canon Katie Easterlin, Canon for Administration
Mr. Andrew Austin, Diocesan Treasurer 

Mr. Edward Bland
Mr. Brett Chappell
Ms. Brandi Lyde Whitfield
Ms. Cam Mathis​
Ms. Angela Shelley

2024 General Convention Deputies

Clergy Deputies

  1. The Rev. Kelly Steele, Deputation Chair
  2. The Rev. Leeann Culbreath 
  3. The Very Rev. Tom Purdy
  4. The Venerable Yvette Owens

Clergy Alternates

  1. The Rev. David Rose
  2. The Rev. Ted Clarkson
  3. The Very Rev. Al Crumpton
  4. The Rev. Michael Chaney


Lay Deputies

  1. Ms. Liz Williams
  2. Ms. Molly Stevenson
  3. Ms. Madison Cook
  4. Ms. Cissy Bowden

Lay Alternates

  1. Mr. Jody Grant
  2. Mr. Eli Irvin
  3. Mr. Andrew Austin

Honey Creek Commission

Ms. Beth Baker
Ms. Cissy Bowden
Ms. Shayna Cranford
Mr. Mike Curry
Mr. John Hiers
The Venerable Yvette Owens
Mr. Brad Sandbach
Ms. Molly Stevenson

Liturgical Commission

The Rev. Ian Lasch, Chair
The Rev. Guillermo Arboleda
The Very Rev. Leslie Dellenbarger
The Rev. Susan Gage
Mr. Jody Grant
Mr. Drew Keene
Ms. Kathleen Turner

The Rev. Canon Joshua Varner is the staff liaison to this group in his role as Canon for Program and Liturgy.

Trustees, University of the South

Ms. Val Crumpton (2024)
Mr. Whit Davis (2025)
The Rev. Tom Purdy (2026)