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Medical insurance

Medical Insurance for Clergy and Lay employees

Annual Enrollment for 2023:

Session 1: October 12 – November 2

The Diocese of Georgia continues to outperform several states and Diocese in terms of usage rates for health insurance. As such, the premiums increased on average from 4-4.7% across all available plans. The national average is expected to be over 5.6%. If you are enrolled or need to enroll, read the details in its entirety and make your changes by November 2nd. If you do not desire to change your existing coverage, you are not required to take action and your plan will roll over into the coming year.

If you are turning 65 in 2023 you will become eligible for the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Plans. It is recommended that you make the shift into the corresponding PPO plan to speed up the transition to the corresponding MSP plan. However, this is not required. Please be in contact with Canon Easterlin for any questions at

What You Need to Know About Annual Enrollment

During the Medical Trust’s Annual Enrollment period:

  • Current plan members may change their plan selections for the following year
  • Eligible non-participating employees have the option to join a plan
  • Eligible non-participating dependents may be added to a member’s plan and participating dependents may be removed from a member’s plan without the need to demonstrate a qualifying event


Medical Plan Costs

To find more information about the cost of plans, please visit the Diocesan website here or see below:

Please note the majority of individuals enrolled in plans are in the Cigna CDHP-20 plan.

High Deductible Plans

Medical Plan/Monthly RatesSingleEmployee + OneFamilyPlan Code
Cigna CDHP-15/HSA $859$1546$2405MCDH
Cigna CDHP-20/HSA$760$1368$2128MHDC
EAP $4$4$4MEAP

PPO Plans

(Including Medicare Eligible MSP)
Cigna PPO 100$1200$2160$3360MG01
Cigna PPO 90$1106$1991$3097MG02
Cigna PPO 80$1004$1807$2811MG03
Cigna PPO 70 $903$1625$2528MG04
Cigna MSP PPO 100$961$1730$2691MGM1
Cigna MSP PPO 90$887$1597$2484MGM2
Cigna MSP PPO 80$803$1445$2248MGM3
Cigna MSP PPO 70$727$1309$2036MGM4

Dental Plan/Monthly Rates

SingleEmployee + OneFamilyPlan Code
Preventative Dental$41$74$115DDPV
Basic Dental$66$119$185DD50
Dental & Orthodontics$89$160 $249DD25

Currently Enrolled Employees

Currently enrolled employees (plan members) will receive an Annual Enrollment letter in a green envelope from the Medical Trust approximately one week before their Annual Enrollment period. This letter will include their Client ID number, which they will need to enroll. It also includes their Annual Enrollment dates and information about how to enroll. Please instruct them to save this letter. In your communications, please encourage your employees to begin reviewing their options and to research plans early.  If an employee takes no action, and their current plan is offered for 2023, their plan selections will automatically carry over to 2023, and any applicable rate increases will apply.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Members will access the Annual Enrollment website with the same credentials (username and password) they created to access their benefits information on MyCPG Accounts. It is important for all participating employees to create an account on MyCPG Accounts prior to Annual Enrollment, if they have not already done so. For assistance, employees may contact the Client Services Team at (800) 480-9967, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 8:00 PM ET, or email

New Hires After Annual Enrollment Begins

New hires and other employees who enroll in a Medical Trust plan for the first time after the Annual Enrollment letter mailing list is created will not receive an Annual Enrollment letter however, they will be able to participate in the Medical Trust’s Annual Enrollment through the enrollment website. Their plan selections will carry over into 2023 if they do not make a change during Annual Enrollment. If the employee wishes to make a change to their plan enrollment for 2023. They will need to log in to the Annual Enrollment website or contact their group benefits administrator for assistance. Members may contact our Client Services team to access their Client ID number.

Non-participating Employees

Eligible employees and dependents who are not currently enrolled in a Medical Trust plan will not receive an Annual Enrollment letter but may enroll during Annual Enrollment for the 2023 plan year. Their previous decision to decline coverage will carry over into 2023 if they do not enroll during Annual Enrollment. Please submit an enrollment form to me as this process must be handled by the group administrator.

Plan Documents

2023 Summaries of Benefits and Coverage and Plan Document Handbooks containing plan details may be found on the Church Pension Group website at

No Changes to Current Plan Selections

Please note that there are no changes to our current plan options for the coming year. However, members should still be encouraged to go online during Annual Enrollment to check their information (name, address, dependents, plan selection, etc.) and make changes if necessary.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Cigna Behavioral Health 

In addition to the health plans, we offer a stand-alone EAP with Cigna Behavioral Health that you and your related entities may offer to employees who opt out of medical coverage. (Employees who enroll in Medical Trust health coverage are automatically enrolled in Cigna EAP benefits.)

Note: If an employer chooses to offer the Cigna EAP on a stand-alone basis, all eligible employees must be enrolled, and the employer must pay for the EAP-only coverage. Requiring employees to contribute toward the cost of EAP-only coverage would violate the Affordable Care Act, and the employer could be subject to significant penalties. Eligibility for the stand-alone EAP is limited to qualified non-members (e.g., an employee who is on a spousal plan and has opted out of Medical Trust coverage). Since these employees will not have the ability to select the EAP on a stand-alone basis during Annual Enrollment, enrollments must be completed by the group administrator with My Admin Portal (MAP) enrollment access.

Episcopal Diocese of Georgia Health Insurance Policy

To comply with the diocesan clergy minimum compensation standard, a congregation with a priest working at least 30 hours per week is required to assure insurance coverage. For those who do not otherwise have medical insurance provided through a spouse or an existing plan such as Tri-care, this means selecting at least the lowest cost option from the plans above.

For those in a High Deductible Plan with a Health Savings Account, the Diocese expects the employer will pay $200 per month or $2400 per year into the HSA for those electing the single HDHP and $400 or $4800 per for the plus one or family plan in the first year of coverage and to continue to pay $150 per month for Single HDHP and $300 per month for plus one, and $400 for family plans in subsequent years.

This material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as investment, tax, or other advice. It does not constitute a contract or an offer for any products or services. In the event of a conflict between this material and the official plan documents or insurance policies, any official plan documents or insurance policies will govern. The Church Pension Fund (“CPF”) and its affiliates (collectively, “CPG”) retain the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of any benefit plan and/or insurance policy described in this material at any time, for any reason, and, unless otherwise required by applicable law, without notice.

Church Pension Group Services Corporation (“CPGSC”), doing business as The Episcopal Church Medical Trust, maintains a series of health and welfare plans (the “Plans”) for eligible employees (and their eligible dependents) of The Episcopal Church (the “Church”). The Medical Trust serves only eligible Episcopal employers. The Plans that are self-funded are funded by the Episcopal Church Clergy and Employees’ Benefit Trust, a voluntary employees’ beneficiary association within the meaning of section 501(c)(9) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Plans are church plans within the meaning of section 3(33) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, and section 414(e) of the Internal Revenue Code. Not all Plans are available in all areas of the United States or outside the United States, and not all Plans are available on both a self-funded and fully insured basis. Additionally, the Plan may be exempt from federal and state laws that may otherwise apply to health insurance arrangements. The Plans do not cover all healthcare expenses, so members should read the official Plan documents carefully to determine which benefits are covered, as well as any applicable exclusions, limitations, and procedures.