Diocese of Georgia Prayer Cycle

This prayer cycle is also available as an easy-to-print pdf file: Prayer Cycle PDF.

Diocese of Georgia Prayer Cycle
(Updated May 30, 2020)


1. BISHOPS: Frank Logue (Diocesan); Scott Benhase and Henry Louttit (Retired); ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL & DIOCESAN STAFF: Dade Brantley, Daniel Garrick, Walter Hobgood, Frank Logue, Loren Lasch, Maggie Lyons, Joshua Varner, and Katie Easterlin

2. ALBANY St. Patrick’s — Nicholas Roosevelt, St. John & St. Mark’s – Galen Mirate, Ridenour Lamb; ALBANY, St. Paul’s – Reed Freeman; AMERICUS, Calvary — Richard Nelson, Geri Nelson, Dianne Hall

3. AUGUSTA, Atonement – Billy Alford; Christ Church; Good Shepherd – Robert Fain, Andrew Menger, Lynn Prather, Bunny Williams; St. Alban’s – Billy Alford, Rosalyn Panton

4. AUGUSTA, St. Augustine’s – Jim Said, Kurt Miller, John Warner, Faye Forbes; St. Mary’s – Andrew Menger; St. Paul’s – George Muir, John Jenkins, Bill Dolen

5. BAINBRIDGE, St. John’s – Leslie Dellenbarger; BAXLEY, St. Thomas Aquinas – Steve Larson; BLAKELY, Holy Trinity, Joe Clift

6. BRUNSWICK, Good Shepherd, – John Butin; St. Athanasius; St. Mark’s – Alan Akridge, Gary Jon Jackson; Edward Williams; COCHRAN, Trinity – Joy Fisher

7. CORDELE, Christ Church – Tar Drazdowski, John Lane; DAWSON, Holy Spirit; DARIEN, St. Andrew’s & St. Cyprian’s – Ted Clarkson

8. DOUGLAS, St. Andrew’s – Donald Holland; DUBLIN, Christ Church; FITZGERALD, St. Matthew’s—Hallock Martin

9. HAWKINSVILLE, St. Luke’s– Judy Keith; HINESVILLE, St. Philip’s– Jose Vilar, Catherine Henderson

10. JESUP, St. Paul’s; KINGSLAND, King of Peace – Aaron Brewer; LOUISVILLE, St. Mary Magdalene—Terri Degenhardt

11. MARTINEZ, Holy Comforter – Cynthia Taylor, Our Savior – Al Crumpton

12. MOULTRIE, St. Margaret of Scotland – Stan Christian, Sally Shovar Byers; QUITMAN, St. James’ – Jim Elliott, Nancy Sartin Richardson; POOLER, St. Patrick’s – Bill Bruggeman

13. RICHMOND HILL, St. Elizabeth of Hungary – Dwayne Varas; RINCON, St. Luke’s – David Rose; ST. MARYS, Christ Church – Dedra Bell

14. ST. SIMONS, Christ Church – Tom Purdy, Ashton Williston, Katie Knoll Lenon, Rebecca Rowell, James Wethern; Holy Nativity, Tommy Townsend, R.V. Cate; JEKYLL ISLAND, St. Richard of Chichester, Buzz Yarborough

15. SANDERSVILLE, Grace – Carlton Shuford, Ira Jackson; SAVANNAH, Christ Church –Michael White, Helen White, Samantha McKean, Patti Davis

16. SAVANNAH, Community of St. Joseph; Epiphany—Michael Chaney; St. Francis of the Islands — Beverly Braine; St. John’s – Gavin Dunbar; St. George’s – David Lemburg; St. Matthew’s – Guillermo Arboleda

17. SAVANNAH, St. Michael & All Angels – Kevin Kelly, Nathan Wilson; St. Thomas’ – Melanie Lemburg; St. Peter’s – Hunt Priest, Kelly Steele

18. SAVANNAH, St. Paul’s – William Willoughby, Lauren Byrd, Robert Carter, Leonel Palanco, Victor Moreno, George Salley, Susan Gahagan, & BURROUGHS, St. Bartholomew’s Chapel

19. SWAINSBORO, Good Shepherd, STATESBORO, Trinity – Charles Todd, Steve Darby; THOMASVILLE, All Saints’ – Paul Hancock, Will Brown

20. THOMASVILLE, St. Thomas’ – Scott Mithen; Good Shepherd – Will Broan, Dennis McGill; TIFTON, St. Anne’s – Lonnie Lacy

21. TYBEE ISLAND, All Saints’ — June Johnson; VALDOSTA, Christ Church – Dave Johnson, Christ the King – Stanley White, Yvette Owens

22. VALDOSTA, St. Barnabas’ – Stephen Norris, Leeann Culbreath; VIDALIA, Annunciation — Denise Vaughn, Burt Derrick

23. WAYCROSS, Grace – Kit Brinson; WAYNESBORO, St. Michael’s –Larry Jesion; WOODBINE, St. Mark’s


25. CHAPLAINS: Lyde Andrews, Michael Chaney, William Dolen, Shelley Martin, Charles Todd, Erwin Veale

26. COMMISSION ON MINISTRY, THE STANDING COMMITTEE & THOSE STUDYING FOR HOLY ORDERS Postulants & Candidates – Leeann Culbreath, Susan Gage, Court Hooper, Casey Lavin, Gabriel Lawrence, Ken Shrader, Rita Spaulding, Greg Wellstead; Area Discernment Teams and those in the discernment process. CANONICALLY RESIDENT, SERVING OUTSIDE GEORGIA Kyle Carswell, Dwayne Cope, Lee Lowery, Ranie Neislar, Cheryl Parris, and Bradley Varnell

27. NON-PAROCHIAL & LICENSED CLERGY: Nancy Acree, Lewis Bohler, Steven Evans, Frazier Green, Don Hands, Ann Heinemann, Jennifer Highsmith, Mark Jones, Joel Keys, Buck Lea, Richard McDonnell, Prescott Nead, Ellen Francis Poisson OSH, and Theodore Valcourt, and John West

28. RETIRED CLERGY (not on parish list): Diocesan –Joslyn Angus, Theodore Atwood, Jim Bullion, Joye Cantrell, Michael Carreker, Dick Casto, Chad Chafee, Stella Clark, Jim Clendinen, Freeman Cross, James Crowther, Forrest Ethridge, Samir Habiby, Ted Harris, William Harris, Charles Hay, Charles Hoskins, Jacoba Hurst, Otto Immel, Peter Ingeman, Curtis Johnson, Judy Jones, William Littleton, Wanda Lucas, Patricia Marks, and Jamie Maury

29. RETIRED CLERGY (Not on parish list, continued): Marty Meuschke, Paschal Mingledorff, Louise Muenz, Aurel Muntean, Gene Paradise, George Porter, Douglas Renegar, John Rogers, Lou Scales, Linda Scales, George Scott, Ned Simmons, Dave Tonge, Richard Walkley, Konrad White, Natalie Whittle, Vernon Wiggins, Larry Williams, Ray Worthington

30. THE HONEY CREEK STAFF, Dade Brantley, GeorgeAnne Youngner, Sarah Youngner; DIOCESAN COUNCIL, and the COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES of the Diocese of Georgia.

31. All faithful departed of the diocese

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Episcopal Diocese of Georgia Health Insurance Policy
To comply with the diocesan clergy minimum compensation standard, a congregation with a priest working at least 30 hours per week is required to assure insurance coverage. For those who do not otherwise have medical insurance provided through a spouse or an existing plan such as Tri-care, this means selecting at least the lowest cost option from the plans above.

For those in a High Deductible Plan with a Health Savings Account, the Diocese expects the employer will pay $200 per month or $2400 per year into the HSA for those electing the single HDHP and $400 or $4800 per for the plus one or family plan in the first year of coverage and to continue to pay $150 per month for Single HDHP and $300 per month for plus one, and $400 for family plans in subsequent years.

Please note that this information is published for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as an offer of coverage, legal, medical, tax, or other advice. Please consult with your own professional advisor for further guidance. In the event of a conflict between this letter and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern. The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates retain the right to amend, terminate, or modify the terms of any benefit plans described in this letter at any time, for any reason, and unless required by law, without notice.

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If you have any questions, contact the Canon for Administration, Katie Easterlin a keasterlin@gaepiscopal.org.