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Community of St. Joseph

The Community of St. Joseph provides worship services by and for Savannah’s homeless persons living in the city, approximately 4,200.

The ministry offers worship at Emmaus House on the Third Friday of the month and every Sunday worship on the canal off Louisville Road at Pritchard Street, an area identified with the assistance of Homeless persons interested in the Community of St. Joseph. This work is also coordinated with the city’s Homeless Authority.

Want to take part?

You are welcome to join the worship on third Friday morning’s at 7:00 a.m. in Christ Church Savannah Parish House at the corner of Abercorn and Bryan Streets. Sundays, the liturgy is at 9 AM (breakfast at 8 AM)  at Old Louisville Road and Pritchard Street near Camp 2 (Four blocks west of Liberty & Martin Luther King Boulevard).

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